A Remarkable Bond: Conservationist Forms Unlikely Friendship with Tiger Shark, Challenging Stereotypes

Sharks don’t eat or attack people, it’s a simple misunderstanding 🦈❤️👨‍🦰

Sharks are one of the most scary animals in the world, especially tiger sharks. We were taught so in schools. But today’s story will show you, that sharks can love and show affection.

A shark conservationist named Jim Abernethy has a unique job and is known for spending his days studying the behaviour of sharks in order to protect them from threats and extinction.

And amazingly he made friends with a tiger shark named Emma twenty years ago. When Jim and Emma first met she was frightened. Sharks are misunderstood a lot and we must remember, that they are very much frightened of humans.

The sweet photos show Emma and Jim’s close connection over the years. Their connection started when Emma approached Jim and gently brushes against him. And after some time he considered it would be better to rub her head and she enjoyed it.

Jim also helped Emma by removing the hooks stuck in her mouth and from that day Emma started following Jim wherever he went and rubbed up against him.

Jim considers their friendship as an incredible thing and tells, that she searches for affection every time he is with her. She recognises him even when he changes his suit. It’s the same as your dog recognises you.

And Jim also thinks, that the white shark could perfectly be a dog. Jim continues, that Emma is fifteen feet long and it’s very frightening when you didn’t know her. But when you interact with her you will understand she has the same personality as a Labrador Retriever.

You might consider Jim wasn’t safe given the shark’s size. But he explains, that sharks don’t eat people and never attack them when they can see what they’re doing.

Jim considers, that sharks attacks are mistaken cases and they don’t attack in such a way.

Here are Jim’s words about sharks, that will make you change your opinion about them.

He told, that he hopes people will change their minds and treat sharks with love and affection they deserve.

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