In cold weather the hungry doggy, who was locked in the cage, found a cozy apartment
Ruff Start Rescue wrote on Facebook: “Because the cold weather was becoming hotter, Rosabella, the locked doggy, didn’t stay in the cage any more.The cute animal had been
The kitty from the famous photo made the whole world get worried about him
In some cases the authors take heart-wrenching and impressing photos in order to become outstanding. Graham Lavery, a famous photographer, took this shot, which aroused compassion for the
A homeless cat went to the zoo and became a friend of a lynx’s during the search of food.
May there exist a real friendship between wild and domestic animals? Proceeding shows that it is possible. Moreover, it can be quite easy for them to make a
“Such an Incredible Story” – Two Stray Stray Doggies Are Finally Reunited
Anna and Aurora are such a bright example of the best friends! These two adorable stray doggies had always been inseparable before the time they were separated during
This pitiable mountain lion, after being chain up for over 20 years, gains freedom and his heartwarming reaction is absolutely out of this world
Due to Animal Defenders International group’s numerous efforts and endeavors, this poor mountain lion gets finally released after 20 long years of struggling in captivity. According to the
Bison roaming in Indiana is free for the first time in 200 years
 The Nature Conservancy is returning bison to Indiana to reestablish the prairie. Before prairie was the general ecosystem in Indiana, buy in the last 200 years all of
This hapless doggie’s precious reaction once she, after being chained during all her life, sees the ocean for the first time
We all are well aware that dogs are very energetic and enthusiastic creatures that periodically need to go for a walk running independently and playing with other dogs.
This poor bear was forced to live in a rusty small cage for over 30 years and now she tastes first delights of freedom
In case this pitiable bear had the ability to speak, we all would burst into tears and get shocked how tragic and miserable life he was destined to
An improbable and unique friendship between a bear and a wolf became a real internet sensation
One of the wildlife photographers successfully managed to capture very touching and astonishing pictures showing sign of an unexpected relationship between two of one of the most ravenous
Without even hesitating for a second, the concerned and brave-hearted man jumped into a deep river to save his sweetheart dog
It is needless to say that each dog owner is ready to undertake everything possible in order to protect his faithful companion from any danger and threat that
“A heartbreaking moment this abandoned puppy uses a show as a shelter” This poor abandoned puppy was trying to survive on the streets until this heroic man changed his entire life
 It is believed that kindness can save the world, and that is absolutely true for this tiny puppy whose entire life was miraculously changed only due to a
This generous pilot mercifully reunites with his devote fluffy comrade he adopted while serving in Iraq
The breathtaking moment this soldier is going to be reunited with the furry companion he managed to rescue and then adopt while being in Iraq. Due to the