Meryl Streep is already in 70s: The actress’s most powerful statements about aging, family and beauty

Here are 72-year-old Streep’s powerful quotes about family, beauty and aging

Legendary and popular actress M. Streep is soon going to celebrate her 73th birthday. The talented artist’s merits include 22 Oscar nominations, 9 Golden Globes and 30 and more nominations for honorary awards. Here are 72-year-old actress’s most powerful and sensational statements which will surely be useful for all of you.

“I love myself the way I am now. I may not be liked by others. I feel comfortable and free.

My biggest advice for you is that you shouldn’t spend much time on your skin care and weight. Develop what you want to leave in this world after you.

Life is precious. Once you realize you have lost a lot of people, you immediately realize that each day is a gift.

Paying 2000 euro for one bag? No way.

The thing that distinguishes you from the others is your power.

I am sure that striving for excellence is what distinguishes a good life from a successful one.

You shouldn’t be afraid of anything. Otherwise, you won’t achieve success.

My first priority is my family. It was, it is and it will always be.

Ignore everyone and everything that leaves you behind, especially the voices inside your head.

The formula of true happiness and success is to stay yourself in the brightest way possible.

It is great that the Earth is round. We won’t be able to see that far ahead.

You can achieve a lot if you demand it quietly, clearly and authoritatively.”

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