Very loyal puppies, that defended their owner risking their lives
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The young boy showed an exciting reaction, when he was reunited with his lost pet
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A sweet dog was rescued from the street and given a temporary shelter
An adorable dog managed to survive alone one the street  There are many cases of human negligence. And a sweet dog named Gesa experienced the same. Winters were
The dog with breast cancer fought for his life until the end, but of course with the great support of his owner
Having such a loving owner is a great achievement! Jam is a ten years old brave dog, who had many difficulties in the past, but managed to overcome
The dog became inseparable with his stuffed toy, which resembles him a lot
A sweet dog goes everywhere with his beloved toy Like our kids, our dogs also can become attached to their toys and refuse to leave the house without
The kitties were discovered with their mother, who were seriously underweight
Beautiful small kitties were saved and given food A kitty with her babies were discovered behind a warehouse. One of them was close with the girl’s mother. Another
This famous actress believes that living with dogs is better than being married
Such an amazing choice by the actress! Famous Hollywood actress Demi surprises her fans with her decision that living with dogs is better than with husband. Because Demi
When the dog sleeps, his feline friend is ready to give him lots of cuddles. That’s so cute!  
What a loving relationship! You have probably come across amazing photos and videos of dogs and cats on social media. Watching interesting scenes of their friendship is really
A racсoon and a deer became inseparable and they never get tired of each other
Amazing friendship between a raccoon and a deer living in the sanctuary  Last year the sanctuary received a call about a small raccoon in trouble. The mother left
The little kitten was not only saved, but also found a loving companionship with other cats of his age.
Such fluffy felines! When a man found a litter of newborn kittens in his backyard, he hurried to help them, but unfortunately, only one of them survived. When
A unique possum was discovered, who had golden hair
A gorgeous possum with unusual appearance attracted a lot of attention  In November the possum was taken to the vet clinic in Melbourne, who looked like a popular
A caring pit bull adopted the kittens and took a great care of them
A sweet puppy, who wanted a kitten to be obedient to him The family, who lived in California adopted a pit bull named Ollie three years ago. Soon