Sharon Stone proved that women at her age can still look stupendous and gorgeous

Here is Sharon Stone in her 60s who still looks stunning and often wears mini

The star of “Basic Instinct”, Sharon Stone, isn’t going to stop wearing mini dresses and skirts. She doesn’t feel embarrassed and often shows the public her beautiful legs. Stone was considered to be one of the most attractive and nice-looking women in Hollywood. She possesses a flawless figure and stunning look and stole millions of people’s hearts in the course of her career.

Mysterious, insidious and laid-back – all about Stone. By the way, our beloved celebrity is already yet the woman is still energetic and looks much younger than she actually is.

Recently, the talented actress was caught by paparazzi while she was shopping accompanied with her friends. She didn’t wear any makeup and was in mini again.

It is clearly seen that the 64-year-old actress feels herself comfortable in such looks. The woman sincerely smiled and posed for the camera. Whereas her fans’ opinions were rather controversial. Some people highly praised their beloved actress declaring how gorgeous and young she actually looked, some heavily criticized her saying that such daring dresses aren’t suitable for her age at all.

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