“Tired of being controlled”: Here is the adorable daughter of Pitt and Jolie caught during her vacation in Italy

“Ran away from her mother” : Jolie’s teenage daughter Shiloh was caught in Italy

Pitt’s and Jolie’s teenage child was caught during her vacation in Rome, Italy. The network users immediately rushed to comment: “How did Jolie let her teenage daughter go to a foreign country?”.

The whole thing is that Angelina is believed to be a very caring and attentive parent. The celebrity ‘s children live according to the productive schedule organized by their mother.

According to the world famous actress’ s fans, Shiloh has changed a lot for the better. It is rather hard to believe that the girl changed her mind and didn’t become John as she desired to before.

“How beautiful she actually is”, “She definitely got tired of being controlled by her mother”, “What an independent girl”.

“Did Shiloh run away from her mother to Italy?”.

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