«An exciting experience that won’t be forgotten»: Roberts shares her honest thoughts about her youth and college life with her fans

«Pretty Woman» star’s thoughts and memories about her youth and college life

Hollywood actress and the iconic «Pretty Woman» star has recently shared her honest thoughts and emotions about her youth, experience and college life with her followers.

Since the eldest kids of Roberts and her husband Moder will soon take their first steps in college, the dedicated father called that period one of the most «exhilarating» stages in everybody’ entire life.

The 54-year-old actress is truly happy and excited with the fact that her eldest heirs are about to start college life. According to the celebrity, that stage of life will definitely be an exciting experience for them.

As she admitted, she is eagerly anticipating them since she was, unluckily, unable to attend college. For the well-known actress, it is rather intriguing to see how things will be developing for them and that she is truly and sincerely happy for them.

Roberts also added. «We frequently felt as though we would be living outside of LA..»

The well-known actress admitted that it was a great move and though moving three teenagers in the period of an epidemic wasn’t the best idea, they successfully managed to accomplish it.


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