«No sign of natural beauty»: The recent photos of actress Kidman and Chinese director Wang raised questions

The fans hardly recognized actress Kidman shortly after another beauty procedure

Once one of the best-known, most successful and most charming Hollywood actresses N. Kidman’s recent photos appeared on social media, only a few recognized the iconic film star.

Many started to question the natural beauty of the outstanding actress claiming that nothing natural has remained after lots of surgeries and beauty procedures. In reply, the star denied the rumors that she has ever undergone a plastic surgery.

The recent photos of the prominent actress together with Chinese director L. Wang raised many questions on the web. No single wrinkle and other age-related changes were seen on her face.

Many were quick to heavily criticize her for spoiling her natural look giving preference to artificial beauty gained by cosmetic and beauty procedures.

«It was hard to recognize her here», «I don’t think she has done some other cosmetic surgeries. She looks just the way she did years ago».

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