«An act worthy of praise»: The brilliant performance of Rihanna in honor of Boseman moved everyone

Rihanna’s brilliant performance dedicated to late Boseman touched the entire world

The recent powerful and sensational performance of pregnant Rihanna singing the soundtrack to the great movie devoted to Ch. Boseman didn’t let any single one remain indifferent.

The soundtrack «Lift Me Up» performed by the iconic singer became a sensation and definitely went down the History. There is no denying that the performance was nothing but honor and compassion.

The prominent actor well-known for his participation in the cult movie, regrettably, passed away in 2020 because of cancer. The performance of Rihanna in memory of the movie star was something that amazed everyone.

The audience was applauding and everyone was proud and delighted with her performance. The fact that she sang the song alive gave it even more sensitivity and sincerity.

It stands to reason that no one could remain indifferent and not to tear up.

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