«A boy from an orphanage at the Olympics»: The love between this man and his adopted son is something beyond

The incredible story of this boy raised by a single father deeply touched everyone 🥹🤗

A great number of people with different social classes, educational background and experiences participate in the Olympics and today’s incredible story about J. Windle will not let any of the readers remain indifferent.

In 2000, Jerry, who found it difficult to have children due to his non-standard orientation, decided to adopt a baby. An ill 18-month-old boy who had lost his parents took the lucky ticket. He was named Jordan.

Though it was extremely difficult to raise the little child completely on his own, Jerry did everything possible and never gave up.

Already as a grown-up child, Jordan learned English, became absolutely healthy and in 2011 brilliantly participated at the Olympic Games ending up in the ninth place.

He proved his incredible talent in diving and became overall famous. His father and he even wrote a book about their story and how love and devotion can help overcome any hardship and difficulties.

Of course, Jerry hasn’t ever regretted adopting the boy and is genuinely proud of him.

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