Everyone’s favorite Jasper from «The Twilight Saga»: This is how Rathbone has changed since the film release

Millions were in love with Jasper from The Twilight who is now hard to recognize 😳🥰

Having worked on the big screen for almost 20 years, J. Rathbone has had a significant contribution and gained his irreplaceable role in the film industry. However, it was «The Twilight Saga» that brought him overall fame.

His character was one of the most intriguing and mysterious ones that greatly impressed all the viewers.

Every other girl was madly in love with this young, but incredibly talented actor who brilliantly portrayed the most mysterious vampire of the Cullen clan. He is still best remembered as the Vampire and his role definitely entered history.

What concerns his personal life, he has been married for over 10 years and has three adorable kids. Judging by the heartwarming family photos he shares with his fans, one may say that he prioritizes his family the most.

It goes without saying that he has changed beyond recognition since his role in the Vampire film. He has grown a beard and looks completely different.

He has greatly developed as a movie star and his radically changed appearance reflects his maturity.

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