«Aging has no power over her!»: Looking at this stunningly beautiful model, no one will guess how old she is

This elderly model shows herself in a bodysuit and proves that age is just a number 😍

Here is an elderly, but incredibly beautiful model named Daphne Self who, despite her senior age, still delights the world with her femininity, timeless beauty and sense of style. Believe it or not, she was born in 1928. She doesn’t even try to hide her age.

It goes without saying that no single one could guess how old she actually was until this moment. «Are you kidding? Am I sleeping? Is she really in her 90s?», «Please share your secrets to ageless beauty».

«She is the woman I can admire forever», «I simply can’t believe my eyes», «Divine beauty», «Femininity that comes with age».

«Her beauty drives me crazy!», «Neither time nor aging can be a threat for this unearthly beauty».

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