Everyone’s favorite Elena from «The Vampire Diaries»!: This is how actress Dobrev looks and lives today

Elena from «The Vampire Diaries» who won millions of hearts is not the same now 🧐😲

Believe it or not, everyone’s favorite Elena from the popular Vampire series is already 34. There is probably no single one in the world who hasn’t watched at least one episode of this masterpiece.

However, far not all the viewers who were fans of Elena are pleased with her current appearance. Experts claim that she has undergone blepharoplasty, an endoscopic facelift that significantly changed the shape of her face.

Currently, she no longer resembles the former Elena who was adored by millions. The fans of the Vampire series are no more delighted with her appearance.

Many even think that she looks much older with such a thin body and scarlet lips. The changes she has undergone received negative feedback.

What do you think?

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