«Did anyone call for an icon?»: The stunning appearance of Bellucci never stops delighting the entire world

The fans can’t find words to express their delight when they see the stunning Bellucci 😍

The magnificent appearance of an Italian actress never lets anyone remain indifferent. The fans can’t get enough of her unearthly beauty, eternal charm and charisma. She is the woman who can conquer each and every man’s heart.

The legendary movie star also has an excellent sense of style and often dazzles her viewers with the way she dresses up. By the way, she has plans and hopes concerning the 2023 year.

«How has God created such a beauty?», «She is the woman I can admire forever», «She has no equals».

It should be mentioned that the actress has been married twice. She married C. Carlos Basso in 1990. Their marriage ended in four years.

It was in 1999 that she met her second husband – V. Cassel. The spouses had two adorable children. Whereas their marriage ended in divorce too.

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