«Attention! Extra spicy!»: The provocative appearance of Fox became the subject of discussions

All eyes are on West’s ex-girlfriend in a «naked» dress that hardly covers her body 😱😳

The provocative appearance of K. West’s ex-girlfriend in a spicy «naked» dress quickly became the subject of heated discussions The 33-year-old actress’s daring image let no single one stay indifferent.

She is not afraid of possible criticism and negativity and continues daringly appearing in bold and outrageous outfits. Her recent look in public literally left her fans speechless.

Though she doesn’t; appear very often, her each and every appearance becomes a sensation. She often gives her preference to eye-catching and daring outfits. The appearance of the movie star made a splash.

Her flesh-colored dress that almost exposed her chest greatly surprised fans. It hardly covered her body. Her stylish sneakers from Channastudio perfectly complemented her image. Her 90s-inspired makeup wasn’t unnoticed as well.

«Thank you for not coming completely naked!», «You won’t see anything worse than this today», «What did I just see?», «Don’t you think it is already too much?».

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