«Only a blind man could leave such a hottie!»: Paparazzi caught Costner’s ex-wife with her children on the beach

Costner’s ex-wife drove everyone crazy with her stunning body in a wet bikini 😳😍

Paparazzi have recently spotted Ch. Baumgartner, the ex-wife of Kevin Costner, who now enjoys her time in Hawaii with her children. It is worth mentioning that the spouses were married for 19 years and had two sons and a daughter together.

Currently, they are going through a difficult period of their life and are about to fight over property and income.

For this very reason, she found it appropriate to go on a vacation and enjoy the warm Sun on the beach. In the paparazzi photos, the woman looked amazing. Many started to envy his ex-partner wondering how he left such a hottie.

Millions complimented on her stunning bikini body adding that she looked great for her age. It soon became known that from their $145 million mansion she can take only her own personal items.

However, there is nothing she can do about this.

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