«Little copy of mother»: after 100 days in the hospital, Priyanka Chopra finally showed her daughter

After many difficulties due to medical complications, Priyanka finally has a daughter🥰👧 She was born in the result of advantage of surrogacy. How much the already grown girl looks like her mother left all the fans delighted😮😍

When Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married, everyone surprised how the couple could be together through cultural differences. In addition, there was a 10-year age difference between them. They wanted to start a family, but there were a lot of difficulties due to medical complications. Finally, they took advantage of surrogacy to have a baby. This decision was unconventional, but they were sure that it was the right choice.

Being a parent was very difficult for them. A daughter was born and they named her Malti. She was born prematurely and remained in intensive care for 100 days fighting for survival. Thanks to her determination, Malti is alive, and now she is already a healthy girl. She is surrounded by a loving family.

Parents raise their daughter with care and devotion. They respect both cultures together. Priyanka posted touching photos of her daughter. Fans were delighted to see the sweet child and left kind and affectionate comments for the girl. Almost everyone said that the girl was very similar to her mother. Priyanka has become a wonderful mother to her baby. «Priyanka just disappears into her daughter».

It is obvious how the family loves and cares for their daughter. Fans expressed their appreciation for the wonderful bond between the two. Despite the difficulties of being parents, Priyanka and Nick’s devotion to each other and to their daughter is incredible.

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