«Appetizing legs with no retouch»: tennis champion Serena Williams stuns everyone with her figure

She proved that under a tracksuit there is an elegant lady hidden😳😱Serena shared unretouched photos showing her desire to embrace and accept her body🧐😲

After losing to Naomi Osaka during the US Open, tennis player Serena Williams had an emotional breakdown. She was in the center of attention after such an incident․ Internet users vehemently criticized it.

All this time later, Serena decided to talk about it and spoke during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, and for the first time she talked about the incident.

Serena decided to share her photos from a photo shoot in which she decided not to use retouching or editing. These photos really surprised all Internet users․

Serena said she never meant to offend her fellow player Naomi and didn’t feel good about distracting from an important moment. But she was disappointed by the arbitrator’s behavior.

This incident left its impact on Serena. She realized that the sport she had been involved in all her life had been unsuccessfully ruined. This of course hindered her career․

Serena has always been a supporter of body positivity, and this time she decided to share photos without Photoshop or retouching․ She once again showed that she strives to accept her body as it really is․

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