“Mom Looks Younger Than Daughter” Fans Are Talking That Salma Hayek’s Teenage Daughter Looks 30—Not 14

“Is that really her daughter or mom?” 🤯🙊 Fans stunned by the mature look of Salma Hayek’s 14-Year-Old 😳😮 See why they’re confused! Does she really look like her superstar mom? 🤔🧐 Join the debate and see for yourself! in the article below!⬇️

Salma Hayek recently introduced her teenage daughter to her followers, causing quite a stir among fans. At 14 years old, her daughter surprised many with her mature appearance, with several commenting that she seemed much older, some guessing she looked 30.

Discussions about her looks took over the comments section, with some fans pointing out that she bears little resemblance to her famous mother.

Others commented on her distinct, somewhat masculine chin.

Despite these observations, some followers did acknowledge a family resemblance between Salma and her daughter.

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