Is 77 the New 30? Cher Rocks the Charts & Sparks Outrage: Fans Sound Off!

“Is age catching up or is she still the ageless queen?” 🫣😮 Cher’s bold hotel exit shocks fans 😳🤯 “The Eternal Diva” stuns and sparks debate with her latest holiday hit and iconic hotel exit!  🫢🔥 Dive into the controversy and share your thoughts in the comments! 🤔 Read more in the article below! 👇

Cher’s newest holiday track has made an impressive entry on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales chart, debuting at No. 3 in October 2023.

In a recent interview, Cher highlighted that her holiday songs, including this latest one, are more than just typical “Christmas Christmas” tunes. She emphasized that they are standout compositions in their own right.

Following her involvement in the annual celebration, Cher’s departure from her hotel was captured by entertainment photographer Elder Ordonez, who posted a clip on Instagram.

In the video, Cher, dressed in an all-black outfit paired with matching boots, gracefully made her way to a waiting car with the help of a bodyguard.

Reactions to the social media post were mixed. Some comments expressed concern about Cher’s mobility, with a few attributing it to her choice of footwear, while others brought up her age. One commenter defended Cher, pointing out that at 77 years old, her agility should be admired rather than scrutinized.

Fans quickly chimed in, sharing a variety of opinions. Some noted that Cher appeared tired, attributing it to the natural aging process, while others praised her, emphasizing her iconic status and expressing their admiration for her enduring career.


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Despite the scrutiny, many fans took the opportunity to celebrate Cher, highlighting her legendary status and her remarkable career longevity.

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