An incredible woman has taken out over 300 fishing hooks from sharks

 This fearless diver courageously enters her hand into shark’s mouth to rescue them. 

This is Christina Zenato, who is famous as a world-renowned diver “shark whisperer” for her experienced work with sharks. 

In this video there is Christina together with her fellow divers in the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas encircled with sharks. 

She bravely get into the fish’s mouth to pull the fishing hook out. 

The shark is at complete freedom, and seems carefree as she reaches deep into its throat. 

Christina wears chainlink body armour to protect herself. 

The fearless diver uses a certain method of rubbing the ampullae of Lorenzini. 

It leads the sharks to enter into the state of paralysis for about 15 minutes.  

“During my work I am always removing their hooks”-said Ms Zenato. 

“And it is much more difficult in this peculiar case. After putting the shark in tonic I had to remove it from deep inside”. 

Christina has worked more than 200 years with sharks, and she was detected by many film and documentary makers all over the world, for example BBC and Nat Geo. 

She is Grand Bahamas Inland Underwater Explorers Society diving team manager. 

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