The firefighter saved a cat during a forest fire and now it won’t quit him

 A perfect friendship! 

Ryan Coleman, the Engine Captain at Fairview Valley Fire Department in California made everyone happy, when he shared his video with a cat tenacious to his body on Facebook. 

He saved the cat during the Paradise forest fire in 2018.  

In his video, he demonstrated the cat refused to let go of him while he was doing his job, and he continued with the cat clinging on. 

“Kitten saving. She just cramped on my body as I was doing my work”-he wrote on his Facebook post. 

The cat and Ryan seem very glad to be hugged together. 

People recommended firefighters to take the cat home, but they have a lot of work to do. 

“You should keep her, if it didn’t have an owner”-someone wrote. 

“On scene of the Camp Fire my heart and prayers go out to the more then 2000 families, that lost their homes and loved ones”-he wrote on his page. 

Ryan is an animals lover, his page is full of pictures with dogs and a little goat. 


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