The Mandarin duck with its extraordinary bright-colored feathers became, surely, an internet star

This magnificent creature “the mandarin duck” – the most spectacular bird on our planet

Though all birds are equally unique and eye-catching, this one has recently become a real internet sensation due to its gorgeousness and unusual charm.

This little bird, despite its small size, is quite flexible and is always the center of attention due to its impressive colorful feathers and its extraordinary shape. Being native to East Asia, the spectacular bird can be noticed from big lakes to small ponds. Some of them have also been spotted in Germany and the US.

They are famous with their colorful features, the bright orange face and a purple chest with some bronze parts. The females have usual grey coloring, while the male’s feathers are a mix of different bright colors.

Originally, they arrived in Europe centuries ago. They were brought mostly from China, yet many of them formed their own colonies. And due to the fact they didn’t have natural predators, their population number began to dramatically grow.

What concerns their diet, the mandarin duck likes water plants and seed, sometimes small fishes and snails. You can have a look at such prettiness and grace below!

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