It is very impressive to see how the clever doggy saves his friends from drowning  

The smart doggy put his life in danger to rescue his friends’ lives

When the wind began to blow strongly a canoe was driven into the river, away from the bank. Two doggies climbed into it which attracted Robbie’s attention who is a nice and smart Labrador. He began to swim quickly in order to save their lives.

After seeing the video carefully you can notice that one of the doggies in canoe dropped the rope into the water. Robbie caught it by his teeth and pulled the canoe.

Actually it was a trick on them in order to check their skills, because the “drowning doggies” had a lot of skills of swimming. They grew up next to the river from their childhood. It is seen that Robbie did his work excellent. He has the strongest legs ever which helped him to rescue his friends.

The video is very exciting.

The canoe is very light so even the calm wind can drive it away from the bank. The smart doggy did his task perfectly. What concerns the other two doggies they are very intelligent, too. They know swimming well and when the people were driving the canoe into the river they jumped in it. The cuties also know what to do in such a difficult situation.

It is a very amazing and interesting video which attracted a great number of people.

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