What the boy whom Jolie adopted 19 years ago looks like now

This is how Jolie’s adopted child looks after 19 years

Gorgeous and popular actress and wonderful mother Jolie, first adopted a baby in 2001. At that time, she was married to Belli Bob with whom she had two children. The famous actress was actively engaged in charity projects and tried to help and support absolutely everyone who was in desperate need. The kind-hearted actress confessed that once she held the little boy in her arms there was a somewhat emotional connection between them.

The adopted boy was raised by Jolie and his husband until they, misfortunately, divorced and Jolie remained Maddox’s only parent and supporter. Then, the actress married Pit who was eager to raise the boy together with his beloved wife.

Being a truly gentle-hearted and a kind woman, Jolie had never forbidden her children to do anything and always provided them with the most important thing, love.

Now, the boy is already 19. He plays the guitar very well and has a unique style and taste. He also takes a great interest in film industry. Even when Jolie and Pitt divorced, he took the side of his mother with whom they are truly best friends.

The boy received education at the Korean University of Yonsei, the faculty og Bioengineering. Also, there is a rumor that Jolie has already bequeathed most of her property to him.

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