«Doctors advised the parents to abandon her. Here she is now!»: This is what the baby looks like now

The parents took the baby while people advised them to abandon her: What a beauty she is now! 🥹🤗

Here is Kennedy. Shortly after her birth, people advised her parents not to take the baby and abandon her in the maternity hospital. The child, unfortunately, was born with Down syndrome and a deformed spine.

Everything changed when her mother met a nurse of the department who supported her and encouraged to take her and take good care of her. However, extra care and patience were needed.

At the age of 2, the girl had to wear a metal collar and a helmet. She was immobilized and had to lie and watch videos all day long. When she was grown up enough, the parents took her to dance courses.

Dancing helped her forget about her health problems and realize that what really mattered was how well you did the job, not how you looked.

Currently, she works for KMR Diversity and often flies to Hollywood for TV shows and auditions.

Despite people\s predictions, she is now a totally ordinary girl, absolutely healthy and good-looking. She sometimes experiences with her hair color even has a loving boyfriend.

His name is Matthew and he is four years older than her. As one can see, he has the same syndrome as well, yet works in the modeling business and takes a great interest in acting.

Here she is today! Share your opinion!

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