“Wrinkled neck and exhausted look”: M. Bellucci’s fans were shocked seeing the celebrity’s recent photos

Bellucci’s fans criticized her current appearance seeing the photos by paparazzi

Gorgeous M. Bellucci in already 50s still remains the center of paparazzi’s attention who don’t ever miss the opportunity to catch the celebrity on their cameras. These days, Bellucci went out for lunch with one of her friends and paparazzi somehow managed to capture the woman when she didn’t expect that at all.

The admirable actress was in a long black dress showing her shoulders. She also prefers comfortable shoes rather than uncomfortable high heels she used to wear before.

She was also wearing sun glasses trying to hide from unwelcomed paparazzi. Her fans instantly reacted in a positive way claiming how good and well-groomed she actually looked.

But there were some of them who didn’t like Monica’s current appearance outlining her already wrinkled neck and exhausted facial look. They complained that the celebrity is already growing old and won’t be the same.

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