Behind Every Great Look: Salma Hayek Credits an ‘Army of Beauty’ for Her Breathtaking Appearance at the Golden Globes

“From Plane to Glamour in Hours” ❤️‍🔥💥🫣 Discover how Salma Hayek transformed for the Golden Globes with exclusive behind-the-scenes secrets in the article below! 👇

At the recent Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, the red carpet was graced by the presence of Salma Hayek, whose age-defying beauty continues to captivate. For this star-studded event, Hayek chose a stunning Gucci gown that featured a daring deep neckline and was adorned with numerous sparkling stones, adding a touch of glamour to her appearance.

Accompanying her dazzling dress, the actress wore brilliant diamond earrings and enhanced her eyes with shimmering eyeshadow, perfectly complementing her overall look. Despite her effortless appearance.

Hayek revealed on social media the extensive preparation involved: “I would like to say that I flew on a plane from Europe and immediately changed like this. But in fact, it took a whole army of beauty to get me on the red carpet,” she shared, giving fans a glimpse behind the scenes of her glamorous transformation.

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