How one of the most beautiful supermodels Paulina Porizkova looks in her 55

Still remains charming and gorgeous: Paulina Porizkova in her 55

After 40-45, a lot of women refuse to celebrate their birthday so as not to mention their already not young age. Yet an American Supermodel Porizkova never stops pleasingly surprising her loyal fans with her unearthly and timeless beauty and charm. The famous model, already being 55, still manages to remain charming and attractive.

Born in the town of Prostejov(Czechoslovakia), the girl started to gain world fame since the age of 18.

The future supermodel brilliantly performed in many fashion shows and appeared on the cover of famous magazines. Whereas after her first child was born, she gave up her modeling career and began to star in films which she does even today.

Unlike the majority of models, Paulina hasn’t had any plastic surgeries. She is for the natural beauty and doesn’t even use filters for her photographs. Years pass away but the actress can still boast about having a perfect figure and gorgeous appearance.

Here is Paulina in her 50s still looking stunning and graceful.

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