The couple started to renovate their house and found a message left 20 years ago from the previous owner

During the renovation, the spouses found a note left 20 years ago under the wallpaper

Charlotte Morison recently shared her interesting and breathtaking experience on the Internet. The girl and her husband wanted to renovate their house. And once the spouses removed the old wallpaper of one of the rooms, they suddenly found a note which was probably left by the previous owner of the house.

The message was written back in 1997, when John was renovating this room and one problem suddenly arose: The wallpaper was unluckily not enough to finish the entire room. The owner of the house rushed to warn the tenants against miscalculation.

In the letter, he warned that if someone one day had to paste over the walls of the room with wallpaper, then they would require at least eight rolls of wallpaper. John was literally shocked.

This immediately went viral the internet gaining a great number of comments and views. The network users suggested that Charlotte should undoubtedly keep the note. The publication which spread on the internet was seen by one of the family’s relatives who contacted the spouses and said that the previous owner isn’t registered in social media. John himself asked to tell him that he became an internet star due to his very creative and original idea.

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