The unique girl with rare condition became an internet star thanks to her unusual appearance 

This girl with extremely rare condition became a real internet celebrity

This admirable girl named Victoria Kentucky would definitely be considered an ordinary one but for her uniqueness which made her become a real American celebrity.

Since her early childhood, Victoria felt shy and ashamed of her uniqueness. As a teenager, she suffered shingles and the infection left light spots on her skin. In 2016, the situation even worsened as she had a diagnose called vitiligo and, as a result, light spots started to appear on her brows, eye brows and hair.

Victoria simply couldn’t accept herself and refused to appear in public so often. Heartless people sometimes mocked her without even trying to understand her rare condition.

Fortunately, the girl soon registered on Tiktok immediately gaining a great number of followers. The absolutely unique girl now has more than 40 thousand followers who sincerely adore her unearthly and extraordinary beauty.

Her loyal fans keep supporting Victoria who often delights them with her photos and videos. In one of her recent videos she tried to dye her eye brows with mascara but she hardly managed to. Her loyal followers rushed to calm her down, support and convince her that she is beautiful even without makeup. Now Victoria accepts and loves her body motivating and encouraging others to do so as well.


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