“37 years difference in age”: This is how the spouses with a huge difference in age look and live

She is 61 and he is 24: What the unique spouses look like and how they live

Currently, they are planning on having a baby.

This is not a joke, but a story of true and unconditional love. 61-year-old Cheryl McGregor married 24-year-old Koran McCain in September, 2021.The ceremony was held on the bans of the river in Tennessee and was broadcast alive.

The couple first met in 2012 when Koran worked at a fast-food restaurant called Daily Queen. Cheryl’s son was his manager that’s why the woman frequently appeared there. At that time, Koran was still 15 and he couldn’t even imagine being in a relationship.

After some time, McCain found another job and they stopped seeing each other. However, as a matter of fate, they met again. In 2020, the guy went to a store where Cheryl worked as a cashier.

“Cheryl used to be happy, but now she looked sad and once I wondered what happened, she burst into tears”. The thing is that Cheryl was upset because of negative comments under her tiktok videos.

The couple started to communicate and soon their relationship gained romantic elements. Cheryl and Kevin confessed that they felt something more towards each other.

There were, of course, controversial opinions about their relationship. Kevin’s family was not against it at all, yet some of Cheryl’s relatives stopped talking to the woman.

The couple is also frequently criticized on the Internet. McGregor got so many complains that her account was blocked. And till today, there are people who rush to heavily criticize the spouses.

The network users never miss an opportunity to remind them about the huge difference in age calling McGregor “A grandma” and Kevin “her grandchild”.

The poor woman says that such unpleasant comments often make her cry but her partner is always there to support her.

Despite the criticism and mocking, Cheryl and McCain post joint pictures and videos anyway. They mainly dance to songs on Tiktok and their account is followed by more than 2 million people.

They have an account on OnlyFans as well.

Currently, they are ready to have a baby. Kevin and Cheryl now try to pay less attention to the criticism towards their family.

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