A kind german shepherd adopted leftover fawns

A babysitter dog, that admires animals

When it relates helping those in need dogs are always eager. Like other animals of different species, dogs has proved many times, that they are man’s best friends. So one of the examples was Sarge, a 9-year-old German shepherd.

A kind dog shows a great affection for sheltered fawns. The dog’s owner, named Cheryl Stephen is a very king woman, that is always willing to help those in need. So she adopted many animals, including amazing fawns. Although Sarge was always very friendly with the animals her mother sheltered, his companion towards Buckwheat was different.

Buckwheat was the first fawn, that Cheryl adopted, and since then Sarge started to guard her. “Something happened to Sarge and he immediately adopted Buckwheat”. “He was eager to be elaborated in everything connected with Buckwheat. He became Buckwheat’s guardian.”

The amiable dog started to behave like a little fawn’s mother, he started to follow her everywhere to make sure nothing happens to her. “Buckwheat grew and began to take risks going somewhere, and Sarge always goes after her to bring her back” Cheryl said.

Little Buckwheat grew up and became a strong fawn, so the woman decided to release her back to the wild. The dog became very sad about this and his owner was afraid, that the dog wouldn’t be so kind to other animals anymore. But the loving dog proved her opposite.

As the woman brought more helpless fawns to help them get better, Sarge shows his care. He is always ready to babysit them. “When he sees, that I bring a fawn, he becomes very happy, sniffs them and they feel very safe in his presence.”

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