“Where is her second leg?”: The internet actively discusses Beckham’s photo where something is missing

The angle raised questions: In Beckham’s recent photo something is missing

At least, enough attention towards the celebrity is guaranteed.

Victoria Beckham has never ceased to delight her loyal fans with her elegance, charm as well as attractiveness.

And the celebrity certainly knows what to do in order to grab people’s attention towards her. Very often she appears in rather revealing and short dresses whereas people not always form a good and positive opinion about the star. Sometimes they rush to heavily criticize Beckham for her daring outlooks.

For example, if we take the photo in which Victoria showed how she works in her office: “Hard day at the office, from 9 to 8”. And contrary to her expectations, her fans ridiculed the celebrity judging by the details in the photos and suspecting whether a real job it actually was.

And now, one of the most recent photos shared by the star caused a storm of discussion on the Internet. At first sight, everything is alright but if we look attentively, we will realize something is definitely missing here. Where is her second leg?

The angle raised a lot of questions.

However, in a full-length photo Beckham looks simply amazing and gorgeous. Considering that Victoria is a mother of four children, many would envy her stunning appearance.

Victoria shared her secrets saying that she daily practices strength training for all her muscles and, moreover, runs 5-6 kilometers every single day.

Whereas the celebrity’s 11-year-old daughter’s appearance disappeared some of her fans as the little girl, according to the followers, looks much older than she actually is in the photos taken by the paparazzi.

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