These are celebrities with relatively big noses who are not going to undergo rhinoplasty

Here are world famous stars with big noses who refuse to do rhinoplasty

In the course of time, many determine to undergo beauty procedures or plastic surgeries in order to eventually accept and love themselves or look perfect.

Whereas there are people who can easily turn their “flaws” into “advantages” with the help of which they are distinguished from others and are absolutely unique. And here are world famous women who strongly refuse to do rhinoplasty as they completely accept themselves.

Rachel Weisz

The popular actress, according to many people, is incredibly beautiful even with her relatively big nose.

Julia Roberts

The great actress who became well-known thanks to the popular films “Pretty Woman”, “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “I Love Trouble”.

The woman never could boast about having a small nose but she remains a brilliant and praiseworthy actress.

Barbra Streisand

This talented singer has also starred in many films playing the roles of the most beautiful or main characters and her nose hasn’t ever bothered anyone.

Meryl Streep

Streep has never complained about her “imperfect” nose but one popular magazine once wrote about it.

Eden Epstein

We can say that this woman has turned her nose into a “visa cart” as many recognize her exactly thanks to her unique nose.

Lady Gaga

Our beloved world famous singer and showman can “overcome” absolutely anything except for her nose.


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