Wonderful twins. Jennifer Lopez eventually shared heartwarming photos with her already grown up kids

Lopez finally posted joint photos with her adorable grown up children

The talented and successful actress now frequently shares pictures with her awesome and wonderful twins on social media.

After her divorce with Rodrigues, the charming woman started to actively post joint photos of her precious family. We can take the advertisement with her mother and heiress of her own brand of care and beauty products.

And just recently, the world famous celebrity posted touching pictures with her already grown up kids. The actress visited a café where she took some joint photos with her twins.

A reminder. Her twins were born in 2008 when the star was still in a relationship with Anthony with whom she broke up after three years of marriage.

Afterwards, the actress had some other romantic relationships with famous stars and her latest one was with a popular baseball player Rodrigues.

In spite of the fact the couple had already got engaged, they, misfortunately, failed to save their relationship and broke up.

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