Here are rarest archive photos of the icon of female beauty Monroe

These are some rare photos of charming actress Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is a women many associate with female beauty, perfectness and femininity who has successfully managed to build a mind-blowing career in cinema.

The graceful woman was not only highly successful in her profession but also was considered the icon of beauty at that time.

It is probably impossible to meet a single man who will not confess he was not in love with Monroe.

What concerns Marilyn, she had always known what exactly she actually wanted in her life and clarified her ambitions..

When she tragically passed away leaving her family and the army of fans in tears, she was in the prime of her life.

And also importantly, she could manage to fix and solve many things in her life.

She always used to fill the cinema with her unique atmosphere and positive energy.

Monroe seemed to be absolutely happy and possess everything she wanted, whereas she was well able to hide her problems and flaws.

She had played a great and irreplaceable role in the film industry.

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