“Doctors suggested abandoning the baby”: How did the ugliest girl become the icon of millions of people?

This is how the world’s ugliest girl became the idol of millions of people

“Just smile and be yourself!”.

It is worth noting that only a couple of people on our planet suffer from this disease and this absolutely unique girl is often considered the world’s ugliest girl. That’s why she decided to change her life becoming the one who encourages and motivates the others to accept and love themselves.

“She definitely won’t be able to speak and walk”.

This amazing lady named Lizzy was born to an ordinary family on the 13th of March, 1989. The birth of the girl was nothing but a phenomenon as the doctors didn’t actually believe she would be born and lead a healthy life. They all rushed to warn her parents that the baby probably wouldn’t walk or speak and would need help from others.

Whereas the family strongly refused to leave their poor baby as they had one and main goal – to keep her alive and take good care of her. The hospital even suggested that they should write a waiver of the baby yet her mother determined to take her home.

Everything began as soon as the unique girl started to attend a kindergarten. There she learnt that she didn’t really look like the others.

Lizzy always asked her parents why others were mocking her and what was actually wrong with her. In reply, the parents told her that the only thing that made her unique was her thinness, nothing more. They constantly encouraged the girl not to give up, always smile and have a happy life without paying too much attention to other’s opinions.

“Your fate is only in our hands and is up to you”.

It is worth mentioning that Lizzy has gained more than 800 thousand subscribers and over 10 million views on social media. She currently supports “the anti-bullying law”.

In the year 2015, a movie about Lizzy was released and it mostly appealed to those who also faced aggression and bullying. And in the same year, her booked called “Don’t Be Afraid to Be Kind” was also published.

The adorable girl’s all dreams have come into reality, except for her cherished dream of getting married. Whereas she doesn’t give up on hoping and believes that soon everything will be fine.

Lizzy currently earns her living with speaking at kindergartens, schools and conferences about the process of growing up, aggression and bullying. She advises parents to look after their children and regularly ask them whether everything is alright or not.

With her strong and sensational messages, the girl is considered one of those few people who intend to change the world.

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