Imperfect figure. The daughter of Bellucci, Deva, greatly surprised her fans in her most recent photos in bikini

The daughter of Bellucci was heavily criticized because of her not ideal body

Many network users hold the opinion that the daughter of Bellucci possesses not as flawless and exemplary figure as her legendary mother Bellucci.

And Deva Cassel, her charming daughter, was recently caught by paparazzi while posing for a popular brand. Dolce and Gabbana. For already a relatively long period of time, Deva has been the face of the brand making everyone admire her beauty.

The youthful and lovely girl was captured on a yacht in Como.

The girl of the celebrity was as beautiful and charming as always.

Whereas there were also those who rushed to criticize the imperfect figure of the young star.

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