The Mother Cat Which Was Tired of Kittens Made Social Network Users Laugh

A video reportage about the difficult everyday life of the cat, which became a mother recently, was posted on the network by a TikTok user under the nickname vasil_ok20.

The fluffy parent had just put the “kids” to bed after a hearty dinner and was going to relax at the end of a busy day. But it looks like the kittens have not yet run out of their daily energy boost.

Judging by the irritated twitching tail, the young mother wasn’t happy that her little babies continued to demand attention instead of going to bed decorously.

The kittens not only made noise in their box, but also one of them practically got out of the “bed” in search of adventures.

@vasil_ok20 #какэтлмило#смешное видео#бенгальскаякошка#котята ♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

I was especially amused by the reaction of the exhausted and irritated “mother”- says the TikTok user.

Lots of people both sympathized and made fun in the comments, over the situation, because it is so familiar to all parents. Many noted the expressive “face” of the young cat, which had to “lay” the offspring again instead of having rest.

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