These are 17 brave women who did one of the most fashionable hairstyles of this year

Here are women with one of the most stylish hairstyles of 2022

Finding enough bravery and risk to have our hair cut is not that easy, even when we clearly realize that our hair will undoubtedly grow again. Whereas many choose to sacrifice their long hair in order to have this very fashionable hairstyle.

To start with, biksi is a very short hairstyle.

Those who love long curls won’t like this hairstyle.

Or not?

Looks amazing!

What do you think?

They definitely needed some radical changes.

And here is the fantastic result!

Changing the hairstyle is what they actually needed.

It seems like biksi was created especially for the brave and risky.

Or for those who wanted to gain the bravery and courage for life.

The word biksi consists of Bob and Piksi!

In short, the shape of the hair is from Piksi and length is from Bob.

Daring, comfortable and elegant

You can see everyone is glowing here.

Biksi is very popular with celebrities as well.

How interesting these radical transformations actually look!

With a completely new hairstyle at Christmas.

We all sometimes need changes! What do you think?


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