“Used to be beautiful and charismatic”: This is how the cat-woman looked before her plastic surgeries

Here is what the cat-woman really looked like before plastic operations

This woman with the nickname “cat-woman” has undergone a great number of surgeries. Joselin has always been accompanied with suiters and many paid much attention to her. She had many millionaire boyfriends who provided her with enough money for plastic operations. Soon, she became unstoppable.

Shortly after, her husband couldn’t handle it and left her. But Joselin didn’t give up and continued changing her appearance.

Currently, she doesn’t look like her real self at the age of 81 and actively uses photoshop before posting her photos on the network.

When looking at her archival photos, we can see a very lovely and charismatic woman. In fact, she had no need for surgeries or any other procedures.

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