The most handsome actor in India: This is how one of the most famous Indian actors has changed

Here is what Shah Rukh Khan now looks like at the age of 56

Can you recall the time when majority of TV viewers were fond of popular Indian series and refused to watch anything else? It is worth mentioning that today’s hero used to be one of the most demanded and well-known actors in India at that time. Here is the famous actor who could immediately take the main role starting his drizzling career in cinema.

Soon, he became the beloved for millions of people all over the world and every single actor and actress dreamed of starring in a film or a series accompanied with him. The iconic man is a monogamist who got married only once and is still inseparable from his beloved wife. After some time, the man gave up on his career in the film industry and began to appear in television.

Currently, the legendary actor is already 56, whereas when we look at his young face and energetic look it becomes apparent that he has hardly changed since then.

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