“Unearthly beautiful and attractive”: Actor DiCaprio and Ukrainian model Beregova were caught together

This is how DiCaprio’s new girlfriend, model Beregova from Ukraine looks

Not so long ago, there appeared a number of headings on the network claiming that the Hollywood actor and Camila Morrone, misfortunately, broke up. And recently, people started to notice Leo with an angelically beautiful Ukrainian model M. Beregova more and more often.

Leo and Camila

As it was later found out, Leo and Maria have already been in a relationship since July. The couple probably tried to hide their bond from the paparazzi whereas now the whole internet is actively discussing them.

His new girlfriend – Maria

“Leo has an excellent taste”, “What a charming girl”, “Much prettier than Shayk”, “Everyone helps Ukraine in any possible way”, “Such a beautiful couple”, “I am wondering when Leo will become a father”.

“We are looking forward to your wedding”, “It is trendy now to date Ukrainian girls”.

What can you say?

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