Actor Jason Momoa couldn’t take his eyes off his beloved wife during the premiere of the film

Here is Jason Momoa showing affection and love to his wife during the premiere

The popular star from “Game of Thrones” as well as “Aquaman”, J. Momoa literally couldn’t take his eyes off his 51-year-old wife Lisa Boney.

The admirable spouses have been together since back 2005. Currently, they raise their two adorable children. Recently, the couple came to the premiere of “Aquaman” which took place in Hollywood.

The film star was constantly looking at his beloved wife, warmly hugging and gently kissing Lisa.

The wonderful family was complete – their 11-year-old heiress Lola, 9-year-old son Nakoa and Jason’s mother Coni as well.

The talented actor played the character of Arthur who possesses a superpower of high speed and the ability to breathe under the water becoming Aquaman.

The film is also starred by N. Kidman, A. Heard and so many other stars.

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