“A doctor from God”: The story of one of the most legendary photos which is included in TOP 100 photos

Here is the story of one of the best and legendary photos of our time

This cult photo reveals a praiseworthy and dedicated doctor after a 23 hour heart transplant surgery which took place in Poland, 1987.

This knowledgeable and experienced surgeon Religa was regarded the best in that sphere by not only his clients many of whom own their lives to him, but also his colleagues who gave him the title “a doctor from God”.

The surgeon had a patient whose heart should be transplanted.

As there were no other doctors at that time who could perform such a hard and fatal operation, he was the only one on whom the family of the patient relied. The operation lasted about a whole day and the surgeon’s dedicated work was praised.

The doctor’s assistant fell asleep on the floor and the other doctors went to have a rest. Meanwhile, the surgeon continued his work and intended to stay until he made sure everything was fine and the patient’s heart was working in a proper way.

As a result, the patient lived longer than the doctors himself. About 20 years after the legendary photo was taken, the heroic doctor passed away.

This legendary and meaningful photo didn’t escape anyone’s attention!


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