“Has been eating only fruits for 7 years”: Here is the woman who eats only fruits without brushing the teeth

This is how the woman who’s been eating only fruits for seven years looks now

Here is an absolutely unique girl named Tina Stoklosa who has been eating only fresh fruits for already seven years, which is simply incredible.

Her main motivation was that she was not really pleased with her “imperfect” figure and wanted to look better and thinner.

As a result, Tina became an anorexic and her health was in a big danger. However, none of the doctors and dieticians could help her cope with her condition.

After some time, she got bulimia which badly affected the girl’s health.

She found assistance in a publication which emphasized the advantages of consuming raw food. And Tina determined not to eat cooked food anymore.

At the age of 40, the fruitarian moved from Poland to Bali where it was much easier for her to lead such a lifestyle.

She managed to find the love of her life who supported her beliefs and with whom Tina have had children.

The absolutely unique spouses also quitted brushing their teeth.

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