These are the icons of beauty of the 1990s whom all men of our planet were madly in love with

These women from the 1990s were regarded the embodiment of female beauty

No matter how many times people firmly claim that there are no stereotypes of female beauty and femininity and that each woman is absolutely unique on her own. There, anyway, exists special criteria, i.e. a particular standard according to which we assess them concerning their beauty, charisma, femininity and attractiveness. It should be noted as well that absolutely everything undergoes changes, so do the standards of beauty. However, there are certain iconic stars whose beauty can’t simply be compared with anything in the world.

Bright and stunning Salma Hayek

Charming Cameron Diaz

Mysterious and attractive Monica Bellucci

An unearthly beauty with an impressive glance Liv Tyler

The world famous blonde who didn’t let any single man stay indifferent towards her – Pamela Anderson

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