After years of struggling with her beard, this unique beauty blogger overcame her insecurities

This blogger, after years of struggling with her beard, finally accepted herself

Here is Nova Galaksia, who, unlike the majority of bloggers and models in the beauty industry, is among those few ones who could become one of the most distinguished and unique personalities on social media. On contrary to those who also struggle with such a disorder and do everything possible to hide it, Nova managed to overcome her insecurities and now completely accepts and loves herself.

The cause of her problem is that Nova has polycystic ovaries which resulted in a serious harmonic disorder and the absence of balance. That’s why the girl has extra hair on her face, as you can clearly witness, as well as on her chest, back and stomach. It should be mentioned that during all her life Nova had been struggling with her hair and overused razors. Whereas now, she has thrown away all the razors and totally accepts herself.

It goes without saying that in nowadays’ tolerant society one has no need to be afraid of criticism, should be confident, assertive certainly knowing that he or she has the absolute right to show themselves and do whatever they want instead. One should directly face his or her problem and not fear others’ opinions.

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