Because of What the Cat Is Waiting for Us at the Door When We Return Home

Some people noticed that their beloved catties always meet them at the door.  But there are also some owners of the fluffy creatures who are so unlucky … I wonder what is the reason for this?

Cats are like dogs and they hear the sounds of their master’s approaching footsteps.  They also pay attention to the noise of cars on the road, the squeak of a key and other noises that we cannot even hear.

Except for the fact that the cats feel the time so well and it is also worth noting that the arrival of the owner is often remembered by the animal feeding.  If this factor also exists then your pet will definitely meet you at the door.

If you delay the time the petty will start to worry.  Cats are constantly near the person and during this time they learned the hours of their feeding and the norms of behavior of the owners.  Therefore, if you want your cat to greet you from work don’t forget to feed him after arrival. 

As soon as these actions become a habit of your pet he will immediately begin to live according to your schedule.

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